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Do I Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer If I Have Been Falsely Accused?

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False accusations are pretty common. If it happens to you, your life will be thrown into shambles and you will be left confused, hurt and humiliated. This is the exact time you ought to hire a criminal defense attorney.

Police officers are known to arrest people on false accusations. They will show up and tell you that someone accused you of fraud, theft, rape, murder or some other trumped upcharge. Of course, even if you are innocent, nothing you do or say will make them believe you. So, what should be your next legal recourse?

Here are the things you should remember once you are falsely accused of crimes you did not commit:

1. Keep Quiet

Remember the maxim, “anything you say can, and will be used against you?” Well, in the case of false accusations, this holds true more than anything else. When you are arrested on false charges, do not panic. Similarly, don’t try to explain yourself or prove that you are innocent. As your criminal defense lawyer will tell you, it is better to just go along with the flow and let them take you into custody.

Similarly, don’t talk to anyone else – including members of your family. Otherwise, they might be subpoenaed to testify later. While statements made outside court are often inadmissible, there are a number of exceptions that you might not understand.

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