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In A DUI Case, Should You Plead Guilty Without A Lawyer Present?

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An informed and educated mind is better prepared to handle a DUI case. It is a good idea to learn while you are sober about the way you should respond if the police stop you. This is essential if you know you are legally drunk. The first rule of response is to say as little as possible because talking can indicate you are a candidate for a DUI charge. Always be polite, and while this may not get you out of a DUI charge, it might help you later. You can find yourself in more trouble if you antagonize the officer. You can refuse to take a breathalyzer test, but you will most likely lose your license for an extended period. Keep in mind that you can be charged with a DUI without taking a breathalyzer test if the police believe you are legally drunk. However, in most jurisdictions you can refuse to take the field sobriety tests without any penalty. Keep in mind that the police can test your blood without your permission if they retain a warrant.

The most important step you can take after a DUI arrest is to hire a DUI defense attorney immediately. Never say anything to anyone after your arrest until you have hired a DUI attorney. The police or the prosecutor may try to convince you that you can get a deal if you will tell them more about the events leading up to your arrest; don’t fall for this. The prosecutor is not your friend, and their job is to convict you of the most serious charge possible. If you plead guilty without a DUI attorney present, you are automatically doomed to receive the most serious punishment the law allows. Remember that a DUI defense attorney is in court often and they know the prosecutors and the judges; you don’t.

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