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4 Things to Do Before Your Court Date

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2016 | Criminal Law, Firm News |

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Whether it’s your first trial or your tenth, going to court will always be a stressful experience. A court appearance is something you and your lawyer should carefully plan, because these few hours in front of a judge can have a large impact upon your mental health, your financial health, or even your freedom. In order to improve your chances of a good result from the court date, you should do a minimum amount of preparation.

Here are the 4 things we consider most important when preparing for a court date:

1. Logistics and preparation

Try to visit the courthouse prior to the actual court date. Make sure that you arrive early on that particular date. Dress according to the event and make sure to avoid bold colors – keep it simple and elegant. Your outfit is more important than you think, as are all the other “small” details. Making the best possible impression with the judge can help your case, while the smallest slip-up, like being late, can be fatal.

2. Seek mediation instead of revenge

Remember, you’re going to court to undo a wrongdoing, whether this is your wrongdoing or someone else’s. Your lawyer is paid to help your case and the judge (and jury) are also people. Try to remember that the final objective is justice and balance, not trampling the opposing party. Try to keep a positive, yet firm flow of mind and actions. Plus, if it’s clear that you’re only trying to hurt and humiliate the opposition, you won’t have the luxury of a sympathetic judge. Be careful how you define “winning”.

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