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Family Violence Representation

In addition to handling a wide variety of assault cases, The Law Offices of David P Ward provide skilled and knowledgeable representation for family violence charges. This serious charge can hinder many aspects of your life, including limiting your right to possess a gun. David works tirelessly to protect your rights after a family violence charge and is dedicated to providing you with the best legal counsel during your case.

Did You Know?

David P. Ward’s legal expertise can help you avoid up to a $10,000 fine and 180 days to life in prison.

In order to provide the strongest representation for your assault charges, David takes an individualized approach to your case. This serious charge can result in loss of freedom and can disrupt your life for years to come. David understands that assault cases should not be taken lightly, and he fights for your rights with the tenacity and dedication needed to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Trusted Legal Defense

No matter the nature of your assault charges, David is determined to help you protect your rights, your freedom and your future. He can help you avoid the hefty fines and lengthy jail sentences that come along with an assault conviction. The Law Offices of David P Ward is experienced in handling every sort of assault charge. From misdemeanor charges to felony offenses, your case will be handled with the individualized attention and passion needed for this serious situation. David P. Ward provides you with the knowledge and legal counsel you need to fight your charges. As an experienced assault lawyer, David can help you protect your freedom, reputation and future.

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Felony Assault

Sexual Assault

Aggravated Assault

Injury To A Child Or Elderly Individual

Deadly Conduct

Terroristic Threat

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A Lawyer Who Cares About Your Future

David P. Ward is prepared to handle your assault charges and fight to help you receive a favorable outcome. He understands the seriousness of assault charges, arming you with everything you need to protect your freedom.

David’s knowledge in a wide range of assault cases make him one of the most trusted defense lawyers in the Conroe, Texas, area. He is passionate about helping you secure a future free from an assault conviction. He is your experienced partner in helping you fight your case.

We’ll Help You Fight!

Over 28 years of experience in the criminal defense field has armed David with unmatched knowledge and skill in handling your assault case. David has fought for the rights of over 1500 Texans and applies the same amount of individualized attention and determination to each client’s case. His passion for helping you secure a positive outcome drives him to fight tirelessly throughout your case, without resorting to a plea bargain. Secure your future by trusting your assault case to The Law Offices of David P Ward.