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The Law Offices of David P Ward provides you with the legal guidance and experience needed to expunge or seal your case and improve your record. David P. Ward has the knowledge and skills needed to give you the best possible chance at a successful outcome for your case.

Did You Know?

Expunging or sealing criminal records can dramatically improve your chances of finding a job, getting a loan and finding housing.

There is a difference between expunging and sealing your criminal record. A sealed record means your criminal record cannot be accessed without a court order. Expungement, on the other hand, completely destroys the criminal record, making it as though the offense never occurred.


A criminal conviction on your record can significantly impact your life. It can affect your ability to apply for jobs, housing and even loans. However, with expungement or sealing, criminal charges can be removed from your record and dramatically improve your future. David P. Ward can provide you with the legal knowledge to help you work toward the future you deserve. With an expunged or sealed record from The Law Offices of David P Ward, clients do not have to disclose the criminal record that has been sealed or expunged. This means that if a potential employer or landlord asks if you have been convicted of a criminal expense, you can honestly answer “no.”David P. Ward has the experience, passion and skills needed to help you navigate the often-complex process of expunging or sealing your records. David is committed to improving your record and reputation with successful expungement and sealing services.


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A Lawyer Who Cares About Your Future

David P. Ward understands that a past criminal conviction can make the present difficult for many residents in Conroe, Texas, and the surrounding areas. That’s why he works tirelessly on your sealing or expungement case to help repair your record.

The process of expunging or sealing a record is often a tricky process, but The Law Offices of David P Ward helps take the stress out of the process. David uses his legal expertise, along with his years of experience, to help you receive the outcome you need for your case. No two records are the same, so David takes the time to listen to each client’s case and works on getting your record expunged or sealed based on your personal circumstances.

We’ll Help You Fight!

When it comes to expunging or sealing your criminal record, having a lawyer with experience and knowledge of the legal system is essential. With The Law Offices of David P Ward, you can assure you have a partner on your side who will help fight for your record to be expunged or sealed.