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A burglary conviction can leave you with a record that affects your ability to get a job, apply for loans or even secure a place to live. This can severely impact and limit your opportunities for the future. Expert legal defense is essential when facing burglary charges. David P. Ward can help protect your future with his knowledge of the criminal justice system and personalized approach in handling your case.

Did You Know?

Burglary and criminal trespass are two separate classifications of charges in the state of Texas. However, both carry heavy penalties that can impact your life. Trusting David P. Ward as your legal representative can be the difference between freedom and incarceration.

David P. Ward is a leading burglary representative in Conroe, Texas. His proven record of helping clients successfully clear their charges has earned him a trusted reputation and hundreds of satisfied clients. By trusting your theft case to The Law Offices of David P Ward, you can ensure you will receive personalized legal representation and the strongest representation possible.

Personalized Representation

No matter the degree of burglary charges you are facing, David P. Ward has the experience needed to effectively handle your case. With over 31 years in the criminal justice field and thousands of cases handled, he can help you receive a fair and favorable outcome – no matter if you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony. When your future is at stake due to burglary charges, it is imperative to have a lawyer with ample experience in navigating clients through the criminal justice system. Because of David’s prior experience as an assistant district attorney, he understands every in and out of burglary laws in Texas. David’s clients benefit from his knowledge, as it provides a robust defense of their rights and the legal process involved in prosecuting those convicted of burglary. David uses this extensive knowledge to ensure that your rights are not violated, and you receive a fair and beneficial outcome in your case. When it comes to the serious nature of burglary charges, David’s experience can help clients avoid harsh penalties that damage your reputation and disrupt your life. By trusting your case to The Law Offices of David P Ward, you can rest at ease knowing you are equipping yourself with legal representation that has proven to be effective hundreds of times.


Burglary Of A Habitation

Burglary Of A Building

Burglary Of A Motor Vehicle

Burglary Of A Coin — Operated Machine

Criminal Trespass

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Starting with a free consultation, David takes the time to gather a deep understanding of your case in order to provide you with personalized and effective representation. He will apply any and all information gathered from your personal circumstances to arm you with an impenetrable defense.

Each client’s case is treated with individualized attention at The Law Offices of David P Ward, giving you the confidence that you will receive the highest quality of legal representation. It is this personalization, along with David’s experience, passion and extensive knowledge of the law that has led to hundreds of cleared cases for his clients.

We’ll Help You Fight!

Regardless of the nature of your burglary charges, David P. Ward will aggressively defend your case. Resorting to unfavorable plea bargains is not an option for The Law Offices of David P Ward. He will tirelessly fight for your freedom and rights until a favorable outcome is reached. David’s tenacity has earned him the trust of hundreds of clients, and the same determination to never back down is applied to each individual burglary case.