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David P. Ward Will Handle Your Parole Revocation

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Defend Your Rights Of Parole!

A revocation of your parole can come with different consequences – including being sent back to prison. The Law Offices of David P Ward will aggressively defend your case and your freedom to help you receive the best possible outcome.

Did You Know?

The right lawyer to defend your revocation of parole case can help you avoid being sent back to prison, having additional conditions added to your parole and being sent to an intermediate sanction facility (ISF).

The Law Offices of David P Ward is prepared to handle even the most complex parole revocation cases in Conroe, Texas. David P. Ward will help protect your rights, reputation and freedom.


During a parole revocation hearing, a hearing officer determines whether or not you have violated the terms of your parole. While you have the right to an attorney, the state is only required to provide legal representation under limited circumstances. The best way to fight your revocation of parole case is to hire an attorney who is dedicated to helping you fight for the best possible outcome for your case. With a proven record of over 357 cases cleared, David P. Ward is the first choice for many Conroe, Texas, residents facing revocation of their parole. Navigating the legal system can be difficult. David P. Ward eases the stress by providing you with the guidance, knowledge and insight necessary to create a case that will help protect your freedom.


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A Lawyer Who Cares About Your Future

The Law Offices of David P Ward understands that a revocation of your parole can have a serious impact on your life. David will take the time to understand every aspect of your case in order to provide the best legal defense possible.

With decades of experience within the legal system and 31 years of State Bar of Texas certification, David P. Ward has the skills and knowledge necessary to defend your case. He cares about the outcome for each individual client and works tirelessly to ensure you receive a favorable outcome for your case. Choose a lawyer who cares about your case – choose The Law Offices of David P Ward.

We’ll Help You Fight!

A revocation of parole can have a serious impact on your life. David P. Ward is committed to providing you with the best legal defense in Conroe, Texas, to keep your parole intact. With The Law Offices of David P Ward, you have the peace of mind that comes along with knowing you have a lawyer who will fight for your rights.