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David P. Ward Knows Your Rights

An Experienced Defense Attorney, Dedicated To Protecting Your Rights

Over 31 Years Of Criminal Defense Experience

Representation From A Lawyer Who Has Handled Over 5,000 Cases

Personalized Attention To Your Marijuana Case

Don’t Hesitate To Protect Your Freedom

Unfortunately, your freedom is at stake when faced with a marijuana possession charge. David P. Ward is determined to help protect your freedom by arming you with everything you need to fight your case. Don’t hesitate to protect your freedom – the success rates of David’s cases can help you confidently navigate the complex marijuana possession laws in Texas. Whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or felony charge, David addresses each case with individualized attention in order to secure the best possible outcome.

Did You Know?

Marijuana charges can range from a misdemeanor to felony classification. Trust David Ward to help protect your future.

Unlike Harris County, marijuana charges in Montgomery County are prosecuted aggressively by the district attorney. David P. Ward is prepared to handle your marijuana charge and fight to help you receive a favorable outcome. He understands the seriousness of a marijuana possession charge and arms you with everything you need to protect your freedom.

Protect Your Rights

With the help of The Law Offices of David P Ward, you can avoid unfair punishment and protect your rights. A marijuana charge can unnecessarily damage your reputation and hinder your future. David’s individualized approach to your case, matched with his determination to protecting your freedom, can help ensure you avoid the harsh penalties that can come along with a marijuana possession charge. With David P. Ward as your partner in fighting your marijuana case, you will receive the exceptional dedication and experience that has made The Law Offices of David P Ward a leading name in criminal defense in Conroe, Texas. David P. Ward provides Montgomery County citizens facing marijuana charges with expert legal counsel and extensive knowledge of the law. With over 31 years of experience in criminal defense, David can help you protect your rights and freedom.


31+ Years Of Criminal Defense Experience

125+ Jury Trials Handled As Lead Lawyer

2,500+ Cases Defended

Personalized Attention For Each Case

8 Years Prior Experience As An Assistant District Attorney

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A Lawyer Who Cares About Your Future

Licensed under the State Bar of Texas since 1987, David possesses an extensive knowledge of your rights when working with your marijuana charge. The sooner you seek legal counsel with The Law Offices of David P Ward, the sooner you can arm yourself with the knowledge of your personal rights.

David’s personalized dedication to your case ensures you will have legal representation and counsel every step of the way during your case. With hundreds of cases cleared, The Law Offices of David P Ward provides the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted criminal defense lawyer to help defend your freedom and future.

We’ll Help You Fight!

David is passionate about helping his clients, and aggressively works to clear your case. Armed with his extensive knowledge of the law and decades of experience, he will fight for your rights, protecting your freedom, reputation and future. Your life should not be disrupted due to a marijuana charge, so David doesn’t back down or settle for an easy plea bargain. The Law Offices of David P Ward understands that your future is important, and David is not afraid to fight for you.