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Although juvenile crimes fall under different regulations than adult crimes, the results can be just as severe. A juvenile adjudication can still be used against you if you are ever charged with an adult crime. Trusting your case to David P. Ward (juvenile attorney) is your strongest form of defense to prevent this from happening. David’s extensive knowledge of juvenile law and passion for protecting your future helps you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Did You Know?

Even as a juvenile (under 17 years of age), incarceration is still a possibility. David P. Ward will put you in the best position to win your case and avoid probation, fines, incarceration and more.

David Ward boasts an excellent success rate defending juvenile crimes. It is this proven record that has earned him the reputation as a leading juvenile crime lawyer in Conroe, Texas. When charged with a juvenile crime, your future is at stake, and David will help you fight to secure a future free of a conviction.

Protect Your Future

While experience is important for defending any type of crime, it is especially important when defending a juvenile crime. Because juvenile crime laws operate differently than the laws affecting those over the age of 17, it is imperative to have a legal representative experienced in navigating the juvenile justice system. David understands the specific rights and laws that apply to juvenile cases and will use this knowledge to fight for the best outcome for your case. A juvenile adjudication can hinder the future you want to build for yourself, so it is imperative to seek the best legal representation for your juvenile case. These cases must be handled with extreme care, so The Law Offices of David P Ward takes the time to gather a deep understanding of your circumstances and charges. David’s decades of experience ensures that you will have a partner who will not allow your rights to be violated throughout the course of your case. Arming yourself with the experience and dedication of David P. Ward’s legal representation is the first step toward protecting your future. No matter the complexity of your case, David will take the time to understand every aspect and build a strong legal defense to avoid hefty penalties.


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A Lawyer Who Cares About Your Future

The punishments of juvenile crimes range from a warning to incarceration in the Texas Youth Commission detention facilities. To secure the outcome you want along with your freedom, it is vital to seek legal representation (juvenile attorney) quickly. Your case will be handled effectively at The Law Offices of David P Ward. David will work with the aggressiveness and tenacity required to ensure your case is handled as quickly and effectively as possible. He won’t stop until your future and your freedom are secure.

We’ll Help You Fight!

A juvenile conviction can have a negative impact on a child’s future. The Law Offices of David P Ward fight tirelessly to ensure that this does not happen. David will stand up for your rights and freedom during your case, and aggressively fight to ensure you receive a fair and favorable outcome. The sooner you seek the professional legal counsel of David P. Ward, the sooner you can rest at ease knowing you have a partner that won’t back down from securing your freedom.