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Forgetting This Will Put You In Jail

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Some things in life are easy to forget. Life gets busy and schedules get hectic, but a judge won’ t excuse your absence from court because of any of these reasons. If you miss a court date, a judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. An arrest warrant can also be issued if you are a suspect in a crime. When there is a warrant for your arrest, it’s best to take care of it right away. If you don’t take care of a warrant right away, you’ll constantly be looking over your shoulder for the police. When a warrant is issued for your arrest, you can be taken in at your home, office or even during a routine traffic stop. In addition to being anxious all the time, a judge can impose other punishments as well. 

Possible Punishments Associated with Warrants
Being arrested isn’t the only thing a person has to worry about if they have a warrant issued for their arrest. Depending on the details surrounding why the warrant was issued will impact punishments a person can receive. Possible punishments include jail sentences or revocation of bond. If bond is revoked, a defendant may find themselves in jail until the case is settled.

In addition to jail sentences, a judge can change the conditions of a person’s release. If a defendant was released without a monetary bond and personal recognizance a bond could be invoked. Some states allow a judge to suspend a person’s driver license if they fail to appear in court and have a warrant issued for their arrest. Usually, the license suspension will be in effect until at least the defendant has appeared in court.

Contact a Professional Defense Lawyer as Soon as a Warrant is Issued
The best way to handle a missed court date or handle a warrant being issued for your arrest is to contact an experienced defense lawyer. A defense lawyer will know the best way to handle your case and can appear with you at hearings and court dates. Some possible solutions a lawyer may be able to arrange for a defendant is an arraignment. It may also be possible to schedule a hearing or arrange for a defendant to turn themselves into a booking area.

Don’t sit around and wait to get picked up by the cops at work or home. Instead, call attorney David Ward today and clear up your warrant before it takes over your life.